An overview 

of our events

Lecture Evenings

On Wednesday evenings we organize special lectures where we discuss particular topics from the wide spectrum of the world of finance and investing.

Lecture picture depicting audience and slides

Socializing Evenings

Duitenberg is THE investment association of Enschede. On one side Duitenberg teaches students about finance and investing and on the other side Duitenberg brings together like-minded investors and entrepreneurs. For this reason the name of Duitenberg has been changed to studenten beleggings vereniging Duitenberg.

Every week after the events and lectures the members have a drink in the Duitenberg room in the bastille or at Het Fort which is the official Duitenberg house. To add to this, Duitenberg has a partnership with Cafe Friends in the city center where drinks are organized for the members.

Furthermore, there are plenty of other socializing evenings such as the annual Christmas drink, the end of year BBQ and the new years dinner where members come together and share their latest investments and opinions under the pleasure of some beers.

Social evening image depicting happy, perhaps a little drunk, members

Poker Tournaments

There is a saying that investing is educated gambling. We at Duitenberg like to get our gambling games up and therefore we organize several poker evenings. The poker evenings are in a tournament form where the winner walks away with a lot of prize money and a nice bottle of whiskey.

Oftentimes the members of Duitenberg have already played a game or two and know certain tactics. During the tournament is the perfect opportunity to try your strategies and take the chips from fellow Duitenbergers. We see you at the next tournament!

Picture of poker

Whisky and Cigar Evenings

Enjoying a drink and a cigar while discussing economics is a guaranteed way of having fun.

Whiskey and cigars being enjoyed in a social setting by Duitenberg members

New Year’s Dinner

This yearly event celebrates a new year and presents a prime opportunity to come together as an association. Talk with passion about expectations for the new year and spend quality time with like minded people.

Dinner being enjoyed bij Duitenberg members at a restaurant

Company Visits

As Duitenberg focuses on investing and finance it is very interesting for companies to come into contact with our members. Via our sponsors Duitenberg organizes company visits to let the members taste the culture of established businesses. It is a perfect way to get a foot in the door at interesting companies which are always on the lookout for new team members. Our main sponsor Optiver, which is a leading global market maker, invites Duitenberger to their office every year for a tour. Also, our new sponsor Bitvavo will organize an office tour and a lecture at their main office in Amsterdam. If your organization is interested in organizing activities with our members please contact us.

Optiver office depicting a lot of screens and hard working people