Upcoming Events

19-01-2022 19:30 Online
2021 Investment Recap

Now that the new year has started it is important to reflect on 2021 from an investors perspective. Will you join us as we talk about what stocks, asset classes and sectors stood out throughout the year and what we can expect from 2022?

28-01-2022 19:30 TBA
Statutes Meeting

The Statutes of Duitenberg have been reviewed and many proposed changes have been added. See mail for changes.

End of March to Early April 2022
New Year Dinner








An overview 

of our events

Company Visits

Our sponsors and other external organisations offer us the opportunity to visit, network and see for ourselves how working there would be. These visits are a great opportunity to meet companies in the finance space.

Optiver office depicting a lot of screens and hard working people

Socializing Evenings

Organized once a month drinks in the city center of Enschede with the goal of consolidating members of B.S.C. Duitenberg when we can discuss current state of politics or wold economy. Ocassionally organized together with other associations in order to increase the knowledge of our club among other students.

Social evening image depicting happy, perhaps a little drunk, members

Poker Tournaments

“Poker may be a branch of psychological warfare, an art form or indeed a way of life, but it is also merely a game in which money is simply the means of keeping score.” ~ Anthony Holden

Picture of poker

Lecture Evenings

On Wednesday evenings we organize special lectures where we discuss particular topics from the wide spectrum of the world of finance and investing.

Lecture picture depicting audience and slides

New Year’s Dinner

This yearly event celebrates a new year and presents a prime opportunity to come together as an association. Talk with passion about expectations for the new year and spend quality time with like minded people.

Dinner being enjoyed bij Duitenberg members at a restaurant

Whisky and Cigar Evenings

Enjoying a drink and a cigar while discussing economics is a guaranteed way of having fun.

Whiskey and cigars being enjoyed in a social setting by Duitenberg members