7th Lustrum ING lecture

Take control of your

financial future

Our key mission is to ever increase the knowledge and the awarness about the World of Finance and Economy.

Image courtesy: Emma van der Kleijn, Duitenberg Lustrum 2021

Investment student association Duitenberg

We are an Investment student association founded in 1986 dedicated to connecting all students from the University of Twente and Saxion who share a common passion regarding the world of finance. By giving lectures, meeting up and even providing the possibility of using our association's money everyone can try investing in the stock exchange market and learn about it.


We organize various activities such as poker tournaments, trips, cocktails, guest lectures, company visits, whisky and cigar evenings and many more.


Our key mission is to ever increase the knowledge and the awareness about the World of Finance and Economy.


At the core of Duitenberg lay the committees which offer the opportunity for unique learning experiences.

Upcoming and latest events

03-05-2022 19:30, Bastille Meeting room 4
IC Lecture

Sustainability for the wallet is the theme for this Investment Committee lecture and it will focus on what investments are legit and which are a stone's throw away from an investment you will definitely regret. If you're looking to learn or sharpen your skills of how to evaluate companies based on their business case and their financial fundamentals, this is just what you need!

10-05-2022, Online
Optiver Flash crash course

On 6 May 2010, the leading US stock indices experienced a severe drop in prices, falling more than 5% in a matter of minutes. Join Optiver’s virtual lecture on 10 May with Trainer Robbert Pullen to discover what happened that day and the dynamics that led to this unprecedented event in the market.

11-05-2022, Online
Statutes meeting

The statutes have been finalised and the notary has delivered a draft deed of the new statutes. In this draft deed, the changes are marked in yellow.

18-05-2022, Online
Second statutes meeting

If there are not enough members present during the first meeting then there will be a second online meeting. After this second meeting the statutes will go to the notary and they will be signed if more than 3/4th votes in favor.

20-05-2022 18:00, Oude markt 24
Audentis x Taste x DB Borrel

Audentis x Taste x DB Borrel in the city centre.

24-06-2022 18:00, Kottendijk 57
End of year BBQ

Once again there will be an end of the year BBQ! We will enjoy each other’s company under the pleasure of Beer and BBQ. Make sure to join as this is the last activity of the academic year. After this we will see you again in the new year!