B. S. C. Duitenberg

Duitenberg Investments

We invest with money of the association. You as a member cannot buy in. However, you do have a say on which stocks we buy and which ones we sell. You can do this directly by joining the investment team or indirectly by sending the investment team an investment proposal.

Duitenberg Investment Evenings

Our investment team organizes weekly investment evenings in which they elaborate on various subjects. During these evenings we start of with a presentation after which you can demonstrate what you have learned during the workshop. In this way you can immediately practice what you have learned and can ask questions, may it be the case that you did not fully comprehend the material.

Duitenberg DP5s

Two times a year our magazine (DuitenPlein 5) will be published. This magazine contains relevant information about our association as well as interesting reading material. Are you through reading all the investment basics? Take a look at one of our DP5s!

Benefits of becoming a member:

  • Learn how to invest
  • Invest with money of Duitenberg
  • upgrade your personal network
  • Have a good time!

Benefits of becoming a sponsor:

  • Recruit technical students with a passion for finance
  • Promote your own events
  • Create more brand awareness

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