An overview 

of our committees

Investment Committee

At the core of Duitenberg lay the Investment Committees which focus on managing Duitenberg's stock portfolio by proposing investment decisions to the association's board to execute.

Members of the Investment Committees do not run any financial risk themselves as the portfolio is financed and owned by Duitenberg. This structure allows inexperienced investors to get practical experience working in a team making investment decisions. Likewise, more experienced investors receive the opportunity of speaking to like-minded people and see other perspectives on financial topics.

Members of the Investment Committees do not only get access to knowledge and insights from others as they can partake in fun competitions like the RTL Z Beurspel or NIC (National Investment Competition).

Currently, Duitenberg has two Investment Committees which both partake in an internal competition for a fun prize to be handed out at the General Members Assembly.

Picture depcicting a team of an investment committee

IT Committee

The IT Committee consits of a dedicated team of student engineers that develop various tools and applications related to finance. Their main goal is to provide tools for investment committees that would improve their strategies.

Picture depcicting code

Merchandise Committee

The Merchandise Committee handles branded merchandise creation, management, and distribution. They produce items like clothing and stationery featuring the association's logo, aiming to enhance association visibility within and beyond the university community.

Picture depcicting merchandise of DB

Activity Committee

The Activity Committee plans fun events for members. They organize things like Poker Nights, Christmas Parties, BBQs, and Trips. Their job is to make sure everyone in the group has a good time and gets to know each other better.

Picture depcicting a poker evening