An overview 

of our committees

Investment Commitee

At the core of Duitenberg lay the Investment Committees which focus on managing Duitenberg's stock portfolio by proposing investment decisions to the association's board to execute.

Members of the Investment Committees do not run any financial risk themselves as the portfolio is financed by and owned by Duitenberg. This structure allows inexperienced investors to get practical experience working in a team making investment decisions. Likewise, more experienced investors receive the opportunity of speaking to like-minded people and see other perspectives on financial topics.

Members of the Investment Committees do not only get access to knowledge and insights from others as they can partake in fun competitions like the RTL Z Beurspel for example.

The social aspect is not to be forgotten as discussing interesting, and sometimes absurd, financial matters can lead to very entertaining conversations!

Currently, Duitenberg has multiple Investment Committees which both partake in an internal competition for a fun prize to be handed out at the General Members Assembly.

Picture depcicting a google finance chart

IT Commitee

The IT Committee is comprised of a dedicated team of software engineers that develop various tools and applications related to finance. Working together with others offers a prime opportunity for experienced developers and inexperienced developers alike.

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Private Equity Committee

Reggeborgh, a private equity fund, has proposed that we work on a project for the upcoming academic year. Our task will be to get in contact with various private equity funds in Europe and the US and discuss their investment strategies and any geopolitical/economic/etc factors that they are taking into account when investing. This information should be presented in a report by the end of the year. This is a great way to gain actual experience in the financial industry and work together with a Private Equity Investment Fund.

Picture depcicting Reggeborgh

Activity Commitee

Focuses on organizing various events such as poker tornaments, Whiskey and Cigar Evening, New Year’s Dinner, company visits, trips and many more.

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