Our roots

About Duitenberg

We are an Investment student association founded in 1986 dedicated to connecting all students from the University of Twente and Saxion who share a common passion regarding the world of finance. By giving lectures, meeting up and even providing the possibility of using our association's money everyone can try investing in the stock exchange market and learn about it.

Moreover we organize many events providing many opportunities for spending pleasureable time with like minded people while expanding their horizons and gathering more experience in today’s economy.

Meet our leadership

Responsible for the vision and executive decisions of the entire organization.

  • Picture of Andrés Iturbide Figge

    Andrés Iturbide Figge


  • Picture Loris Regenwetter

    Loris Regenwetter


  • Picture of Youssef Tantawy

    Youssef Tantawy


  • Picture of Nikita Marin

    Nikita Marin


Join the team

Next board

As a next board member you will be responsible for all the executive decisions related to running the entire association.

You will develop new skills that will help you for the rest of your professional career as you learn or expand on your knowlegde on how to organise events, manage the teams and committees, contact companies and much more.

While doing all of this you will build a network of friends for life.



The chair is the face of the organisation: besides keeping an eye on the general state of affairs and the activities of the various committees, the chair also takes care of the board meeting agenda and sets the general course of action (together with the rest of the board).


The secretary has three main responsibilities: doing the member administration, writing the minutes of the GMAs and summarizing the schedule and other news in a weekly email. After the chairperson, the secretary is the organisation's second point of contact.


The treasurer is responsible for doing the association's financial administration and keeping the association in good financial shape. They will set up a budget, keep track of income, expenses and balances. As Duitenberg is a nonprofit organisation the treasurer strives to set the foundation for fun activities and events thus providing members a good time!


The external is responsible for keeping current sponsors happy and for making deals with new sponsors. They are also the first point of contact for any external organisations that may want to work with us.


The internal in charge of promotional communication among our own members and for the association's social media accounts.


As Duitenberg is a medium sized association there is flexibility and a sense of scale. Meaning that Duitenberg is big enough to actually accomplish things, yet flexible enough allow things to be done in your own style. If you think a position is missing, we can simply invent a new one!

Advisory board

Through its knowledge and experience always there to assist and councel the existing board making sure that all the challenges are met.

  • Picture of Vincent Kuijvenhoven

    Vincent Kuijvenhoven

    Former board 2020/2021

  • Picture of Quintijn Van Helsdingen

    Quintijn Van Helsdingen

    Former board 2021/2022

  • Picture of Daan Loohuis

    Daan Loohuis

    Former board 2018/2019

  • Picture of Nick Richter

    Nick Richter

    Former board 2018/2019 and 2019/2020

  • Picture of Vincent Pater

    Vincent Pater

    Former board 2020/2021