Past activities

7th of November - Poker evening

On Wednesday the 7th of November the poker evening was a big success. Although it was held in the middle of the test week there was a great turnout of 24 people. Even the people who did not go home with one of the prizes of the prize pool ended up having a great time with some on the edge of their seat or just trying to eat a profit with the available snacks. Because of the success (and the fact that there was no winner yet) the evening was extended till around one o’ clock after which there were some after drinks and the members who had gotten a taste for it went to the casino.

21st of November - Lecture Value Investing by

Hendrik Oude Nijhuis

On the 21st of November Warren Buffet expert and old board member of B.S.C. Duitenberg: Hendrik Oude Nijhuis gave a lecture about Value In-vesting. He launched an investment fund that follows the value investing philosophy. After the lecture students and investors / business people had the chance to talk to each other accompanied with a drink. The lecture was held at the conference hotel Drienerburght at the terrain of the Uni-versity of Twente. The event was a great success and was visited by more than 30 students and 30 potential investors.

19th of December - Christmas Drink

The Wednesday before the holidays there was the wonderful Christmas drink. In a beautiful decorated room full of Christmas spirit there were both the members of the present and the past. It was a wonderful evening full of socialising, booze and somewhere probably some talking about investments. The exact details have been forgotten but we are filled with warm feelings of a great evening.