8 June '17 - Presentation De Vrije Energie Producent (DVEP)

On Thursday June 8th, 2017 BSC Duitenberg welcomed De Vrije Energie Producent (short: DVEP) located in Hengelo at the University of Twente to talk about the energy market, different trading strategies as well as the use of technical analysis and the help of technical analysis tools. During the first part of the presentation DVEP delivered insights about today’s energy market, how the company is itself positioned in that market and introduced important aspects of a sophisticated trading strategy combining fundamental and technical analyses. With the time the lecture developed into more of an open discussion about different trading strategies, technical analysis tools and the future of the energy market, and so the discussions lasted throughout the break and until the end of the presentation. After the break, the discussions concerned the oil price (i.e. whether it would be rising any further or once more be falling until the end of the year and long-term), the future of the energy sector, renewable energies such as wind and solar, electric vehicles and energy storage, etc. Eventually, an interesting and insightful evening concluded and with various cold and refreshing beverages in the Duitenberg office in the Bastille finally coming to its end.