About us

Investment Study Club Duitenberg is the association for students with interest in investing, but who also like to keep an option on fun!

Investment Study Club, founded in 1986, is the association for students at the University of Twente, or the University of Applied Sciences Saxion who have an interest in investing. The main goal of Duitenberg is to manage its assets as good as possible. The portfolio consists of money from the association. Members pay contribution, but do not buy-in. Besides that, Duitenberg organizes all kind of activities to teach its members as much as possible about the financial world, but it also organizes leisure activities.

Duitenberg is seated in Bastille room 307. Every wednesday an investment evening takes place which starts at 19:30 and each monday between 12:45 -13:30 decisions are made about which stock should be bought or sold. Furthermore, members are always welcome to join the board for a study session or just to watch a movie. You’re always welcome, so just stop by sometime!